Tools With A Mission

St Mary’s chosen Lent Charity continued until the end of June 2020

TWAM provides tool kits to partner organisations in developing countries which train men and women in a skill which can set them up for life and help transform entire communities.

They teach marginalised women tailoring and train young people in carpentry, plumbing, mechanics etc. to get them off the streets and away from gangs. These trainees are given the tools they need once they have finished their course.

Every year TWAM sends out around 24 containers full of tools and equipment to countries like DR Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe. They work with over 400 partners including churches, schools, orphanages, vocational training centres and development charities.

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We at St Mary’s are collecting the following items:

Builders’ tools: Bolsters, chisels, hammers, pin and lines, pincers, hacksaws, spirit levels, trowels (bricklaying, float, plastering, pointing)

Carpenters’ tools: Bevel, braces, clamps, hand drills and bits, all types of files and hammers, Stanley knife, all types of planes and saws, pliers, rules, screwdrivers and squares etc.

Electricians’ tools: Allen keys, hand drills and bits, all types of pliers and hacksaws, screwdrivers, spanners, soldering iron, voltmeter etc.

Motor mechanics’ tools: Allen keys, cold chisels, breast drill and bits, all types of hammers and pliers, punches, metric socket set and spanners, adjustable spanners, cantilever toolbox, typer pressure gauge etc.

Plumbers’ tools: Basin or tap wrench, wire brush, breast drill and bits, various grips and saws, screwdriver, oil can etc.

Power tools: Mains (not battery) hand drill, sander, planer, jigsaw and circular saw.

Sewing machines: manual and electric.

Knitting machines

Haberdashery: needles, cottons, large material pieces/rolls, buttons, zips etc.

Fully working IT equipment: Desktop computers and laptops running a minimum of Windows Vista, tablets, networking switch routers and cables.

If you have any to donate, please contact us at property @ or phone the Rectory on 824225 and leave a message and we’ll get back to you.