Messy Church

Myrrh would not be a popular ‘baby shower’ gift. Used to embalm the dead, it shows the Magi knew of Jesus’ destiny right from the very beginning. Along with their Gold – a present fit for a king, and their Frankincense – a present that showed that God is with us (God instructed its use in the temples “Where I will meet with you” Exodus 30), the wise men’s gifts mark the birth of our Messiah in a most particular way and map out his life journey. So what gifts can we bring to our journeys? Perhaps as the famous carol asks “what can I bring him, poor as I am?” – we should bring our hearts. That would certainly please God and give him something to work with.

Our Messy family is filled with many gifts that we can bring on our journey through 2020. The gifts of creativity, singing, laughter, positivity, patience, care, fellowship and enthusiasm are all with us moving forward.

I pray that these gifts will prove wonderful and purposeful this year throughout our community and that God will work through them to His glory.

Next Messy is on 11th February, and a Pancake Party will take place on 25th February, 3:15pm-4:15pm.