Outreach & Service

St Mary’s is committed to spreading the story of Jesus and helping people to recognise it’s relevance to our lives today.
We are also creating opportunities in the community for people to ask questions and find out more without having to attend church on Sundays. We have started running the Alpha Course regularly and are looking at offering other ways through which people can explore Christian faith.

As individuals and as a church community, we engage with our wider community in many ways.  Much of this outreach remains hidden:  the unsung glory of a thousand small kindnesses and spontaneous acts.  Other times, we support a local cause briefly — as need and opportunities arise.  Then there are long term projects that St Mary’s has supported over many years.  Some of these include:


St Mary’s was awarded the second Eco-Congregation Award in 2013 after a significant project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund involving fabric improvements within the Church Hall as well as a congregational focus on reducing their personal carbon footprint. St Mary’s continues to be committed to minimising environmental impact and promoting sustainable living.


Fairtrade goods from Traidcraft are for sale after church on the first Sunday of every month. Goods for Start-Up Stirling can be purchased at the stall.

The stall has been running for more than 25 years and is stocked with a variety of foods, beverages and household items such as toilet rolls and rubber gloves. We can order items from the catalogue so you don’t need to pay a delivery charge. All profits are donated to Traidcraft Exchange, the charity arm of Traidcraft.

Not all Fairtrade is the same. Established in 1979 as a Christian response to poverty, Traidcraft’s mission is to fight poverty through trade, pioneering, practising and promoting approaches to trade that help poor people in developing countries transform their lives. They work with smaller, more remote, more marginalised and poorer producers than the supermarkets. For Traidcraft the bottom line is communities not commodities.

If you would like to help run the stall or would like to promote or sell Traidcraft products in different places please get in touch at traidcraft @ stmarysdunblane.org

Stirling Street Pastors

Stirling Street Pastors have been part of the Stirling night time scene at weekends since 2009. The team members are all trained volunteers from a diverse range of local churches and are committed to caring, listening and helping on the streets as a practical witness to their Christian faith.


Start-up Stirling

Start-up is a local charity that provides starter packs of food and household items to people who have recently been given accomodation, and are trying to establish a home. St Mary’s supports Start-up through our Harvest collection, and through the ongoing commitment of some of our members.