We believe in building relationships through which we learn about ourselves and God, and offer our gifts and skills in service to others.

New groups form and dissolve in response to the needs of the community.  Some groups prioritize relationships over an extended period of time, other groups meet for just a few weeks to explore a shared interest or work on a specific task. At present we have a group working on creating a quite/prayer garden, one looking at better ways to heat the church, and another doing the Alpha Course. If you would like to learn more about any particular group, please contact us for details.

Church Life

You can learn more about house groups, faith development, prayer groups, social gatherings, craft and music groups here.

Outreach & Service

We love to support the life of our local community and serve the needs of the world.  You can learn more about some of the projects that we are involved with here.

St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School

We enjoy a special connection and share our grounds and our lives with the teachers and pupils of St Mary’s Episcopal Primary School.  St Mary’s is a ‘denominational school’ and there are strong ties with the church and every effort is made to find a place at the school for children who are church members. Please speak with the rector if you are moving into the area and have children who would like to go to the school.