Rector’s Weekly Letter – 16th July 2020

Dear friends,

Last week a local photographer came into the church to take pictures for a book he hopes to produce of Dunblane in Lockdown. I tried to recreate for him what it is like to celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday, worshiping in an empty building but together will all of you at home. As I blew out the altar candles at the end of the session, one of them was smoking so I jokingly suggested he should take some more photos. A few days later I received an message saying that in one of those images he could see the shape of an angel with wings spread hovering above the candle.

I don’t know what kind of shape you think an angel would have. They appear in many different forms in Scripture and in religious art. Many people believe that they have their own personal angel guarding over them which they can sense close by in times of trouble. For me, however, angels often have human forms. They are those sent by God to guide me, comfort me, challenge me encourage me and sustain me and I’ve experienced many of these during the last few months.

With love,

Images by Raymond Dormer