Walk The Earth Gently

Left to our own devices we are greedy beings. Encouraged to believe in more, in bigger and in better, in keeping up with next door – we compare ourselves with other people based on their status, wealth and accomplishments and are jealous. Thou shall not covet!

It is only in my relationship with God and Jesus that helps me put a break on this greed. In my weak moments I too want for a big house, fast car and to be up to date with fashion. But what good comes from it? We are told in the bible about rich men being unlikely to pass through the eye of a needle, sharing the shirt off our back with someone in need and loving your neighbour – giving it all up, to truly be in a place to follow Jesus.

This makes me wonder and reflect on the word ENOUGH – my sin is that I am not prepared to give up on many of my home comforts and drop it all to follow Jesus– and yet I can be content with ENOUGH – and be grateful that I am blessed with ENOUGH.

But how much is ENOUGH – what is my share of Earth’s riches? If I was born in India in the slums of Mumbai or on a Polynesian Island or in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest – my ENOUGH would be very different to my western middle class view. How many times can I go on holiday and fly? Should I eat meat? How many fast cars is it OK to own?
The New Economics Foundation research into consumption and world population does not put the problem down to the world population – but to its consumption – and has suggested that if we were willing to go back to how it was in the 60s in terms of how much we consumed, the earth can provide.

So some time travel to the 60s – less air travel, meat as a treat, buying local, working locally, wearing another jumper in the house, milk bottles, eating seasonal fruit and veg….. I’m sure you can think of some more!

This would mean I was walking the earth gently. Perhaps if we made this the new normal – greed would be something despised rather than treasured. If we all had ENOUGH.
The Swedes have a word for ENOUGH – LAGOM – it means ‘around the team’ – and this got me thinking about the Eucharist and sharing of the wine. I don’t know about you – but I often check out how much is left when I am given the cup and think about how many more are to come – and therefore what is my share. I hope I take no more and no less of a share as the symbol of being one body and one blood in Christ. Enough is as good as a feast!