Start Up Stirling

What weighs the same as a Holstein cow, or more than a Grizzly bear, maybe a third of a giraffe or 7.5 kangaroos?
Well my friends, I can tell you; all these weights are to help you get an idea of how much our donations, collected for Start Up Stirling last year, added up to. An amazing 646kg of goods!
Start Up have recently written to us and thanked us for our support, and, to continue with the numbers theme, this is what we helped to provide last year:-
* 102,276 meals at their Foodbank, supporting 2,607 people, over a third of them children.
* 174 Starter Packs given to help people to get settled in new tenancies.
* 241 Welcome Packs to help those in temporary housing.
* 296 Emergency Food Packs for people with no housing.
* 715 Toiletry Packs distributed to help the temporarily homeless.
Thank you for helping them to make all this possible and for showing those who are most in need in our community that someone cares – it makes a very real difference.