Music Nights

Music Nights are a new venture at St Mary’s which give us a chance to:

  • talk, laugh and make music together
  • dust off old instruments we’ve not touched for ages
  • pick up new instruments we’ve never tried
  • learn new songs and hymns and share our favourites
  • encourage one another
  • become more confident in our ability to make music
  • develop our musical skills

Right now, we are encouraging everyone to do what they are not very confident with: if you sing, you might find that you’re on the drums; if you’re a concert violinist, perhaps you’d like to try the flute;  if you think you can’t sing, you’ll be on lead vocals all the way.

Yes, this is scary.

It’s also hugely liberating — none of us know what we’re doing, and we’re making it up as we go along.

Sometimes, we might stumble across something that we can use in worship.  Other times, it’s just about the fun we can have on the night.

Do come along and see — and bring your instruments and a friend.

Music Nights:

Thursday, 15 July — 7 pm at the Rectory

Thursday, 29 July — 7 pm at the Rectory

Thursday, 12 August — 7 pm at the Rectory