Health & Safety

We have a Health & Safety Committee, which reports to the Vestry:

  • Safety Coordinator (safety @
  • Property Convenor (property @

In all areas of Health and Safety, St. Mary’s Health and Safety Committee will:

  • Devise systems.
  • Carry out inspections, investigations and monitoring.
  • Record findings, develop appropriate procedures and ensure that the systems are properly documented.
  • Recommend improvements.
  • Communicate with and pass information to all users of church premises (including St. Mary’s Primary School).
  • Advise the Vestry on and approve Health and Safety aspects of proposals for work or activities involving church premises.
  • Act rapidly and on own initiative in any observed situations of clear and present hazard.
  • Advise, recommend and seek approval from the Rector and Church Vestry in regard to all the preceding activities.

So that:

  •  The health and safety of St. Mary’s congregation and other users of the church premises is protected.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements for Health and Safety are met.

The H&S Manual gives St Mary’s Policy on Health & Safety and describes our approach to various important aspects of safety. We hope that all our leaders, members and other users of our Church and Church Hall will take account of this and strive to apply the principles in their activities. Remember that we are ALL responsible for the safety of ourselves and others.

Three Health & Safety forms provide a means to report, record and communicate the following safety activities:

  • To help you plan and communicate a Safe System of Work for any job (such as maintenance work) or other activity (such as a special event in the hall) use the “SSW” form.
  • To help with any Risk Assessment associated with planning a Safe System of Work use the Risk Assessment form. There is a good summary of Risk Analysis in an appendix to the Manual (copied from a “Church Safety” website).
  • To report any unsafe condition that you may notice around the church, grounds or hall, or any other safety concern that you might have; use the Hazard Report form.

Once you have completed a form please pass it on to the Health and Safety coordinator as a paper copy, or scan and e-mail it (to safety @ Or give it to the Rector or any member of the Health & Safety Committtee.

St Mary’s Health & Safety Policy, Manual and Arrangements document can be downloaded here: Health & Safety Manual

Health & Safety forms can be downloaded below: