Health & Safety at St Mary’s

The “Health & Safety Policy and Manual” document has been agreed in the Health & Safety Committee, discussed and approved in the Vestry.  It has been finalised and signed off by the Rector. A copy is now displayed for public access in the Church Hall and Chris has created a H&S area in the St Mary’s website which now contains another copy of this document which can be read by everyone with internet access or printed off for more detailed study.  I hope that members of the congregation will take the time to read this – it should become the “Way we work in St Mary’s”.

There are three forms concerned with H&S aspects also available on the website. One is to report any safety concerns that anyone might have, the two others address the safety planning and “Risk Analysis” for jobs, activities and projects being planned for the church or the premises. I hope that these will help you when you are thinking about such things, please look at the forms and see if they help to bring safety into your plans.

Please let me know your thoughts on the Manual and the forms, I welcome your reactions which will help to improve the system in the future.

The H&S website area will develop in the future with some (I hope) helpful notes and guidance.

Stay Safe!

R. Smallman