Youth Group News – January 2019

St Mary’s Youth Group met on the snowy evening of 15th December for the final session of 2018. We enjoyed a Chinese takeaway together and then watched the film “Nativity”. The highlight was our party game finale with an assortment of unusual Christmas gifts that were selected and stolen until everybody had something amazing to take home with them. Thanks to all our young people and helpers for a great year and I look forward to 2019 – a calendar of events will be circulated in early January.

Youth Group News

St Mary’s Youth Group enjoyed their annual ten pin bowling outing on November 3rd, when the boys’ team won the first game, and the girls’ team won the second game once they had commandeered David to play for them! Some highly competitive air hockey matches also took place, fuelled by sweets and slush puppies.

On Saturday 17th November the youth group hosted The Big Quiz Night in aid of Tearfund, joining with over 22,000 people from 498 churches around the UK. Congratulations to our winning team The Young Ones, who won free tickets to the youth group paintballing trip in Spring 2019! We raised £120 which will be sent to Tearfund.

The next youth group event will be their Christmas film and party, which will take place at 6:30pm on Saturday 15th December in the Church Hall.

Youth Group News – June

Nine members of the youth group enjoyed an evening of trampolining and other fun activities at Jump ’n Joy in Tullibody on 19th May. Despite the extensive health and safety warnings of various ways to injure or kill yourself we all managed to survive in one piece!

Our annual sleepover event is planned for Saturday 23rd June when we will spend the night in the church hall. The theme for the evening will be “Life is like a box of chocolates”, and amongst other top secret exciting activities we’ll be watching the film “Forrest Gump”.

Youth Group News – March

In February the Youth Group tried a new activity and ventured to the ice skating disco at The Peak in Stirling. I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, partly because I might be deemed too old to take part, but also because of the range of abilities in the group. We had a skill range from a complete beginner to a medal winning speed skater and everything in between. I need not have worried and it was an absolute delight to see our amazing young people encourage and support each other on the ice with humour and patience and kindness (and with some cheeky ‘shout outs’ from the DJ).

Our next meeting is a “Film and Food” night on Saturday 17th March from 6:30pm – 9pm in the Church Hall. All primary 7 and secondary age young people are very welcome.


Youth Group News – February 2018

We let Nick choose the film for his final meeting with us in January, so we watched Star Wars: Rogue One, which had interesting themes of fear, faith, and hope. As usual we also enjoyed sharing pizza together.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday 10th February when we will be going ice skating at The Peak, meeting outside the church hall at 6pm ready to leave. Please get in touch if you’d like to come so we can organise transport.

Youth Group News – December

For November’s Youth Group meeting, nine of our young people with two leaders visited the ten pin bowling in Stirling for a repeat of last year’s “boys versus girls” battle. Last year the girls won easily, but this year the boys thrashed the girls over two games. Controversially, this could have been because Nick was not there playing for the boys team!? Either way, it was a fun night and the evening then finished with air hockey which was equally competitive!

The December meeting is on Saturday 9th December in the Church Hall  (6:30pm – 9pm) and will be a Christmas film night with food and maybe a challenging party game or two. All P7-S6 young people welcome.

Youth Group News – July

Members of St Mary’s Youth Group had their first ever sleepover on the night of 10th June, led by Morag and Nick. Having started by arranging the church flowers (a first for all the young people), they were rewarded by a Chinese takeaway for dinner and then settled down to watch the film “Millions”. Themes of honesty, values and what the Saints were really like came out of the story of two young brothers who had discovered a large sum of stolen money and were torn between spending it on helping others or on themselves. This led in to a reflective candlelit night prayer service in the church followed by midnight marshmallows toasted on a BBQ in the prayer garden. The lights in the hall finally went out around 2am after more fun, food and discussion. The morning sunlight streamed in the fire escape window around 5am, making it a short night for some! A relaxed breakfast and some further challenges to complete on the theme of values led the slightly sleepy group into the Sunday morning service. The sleepover was enjoyed by the young people and the leaders alike and will be repeated next year, if not before.

Youth Group News – June

At our May film night in the old choir vestry we watched the film The Terminal, a very entertaining story starring Tom Hanks which has some strong themes of mission, fairness, and “living” versus “waiting”.

Our next youth group event will be our sleepover in St Mary’s, starting on Saturday 10th June at 7:30pm and finishing in time for the main morning service on Sunday. Further information and forms are available from Morag.

Youth Group News – May

At our April meeting we watched the film “Groundhog Day” and discussed some of the themes and issues from the film while eating pizza and popcorn and trying to inflate long rocket balloons (which proved to be more of a challenge than expected!).

Plans are afoot for a Youth Night sleepover in the hall (or even in the church) sometime soon – Look out for more details in the pew leaflets or in the next magazine.

Youth Group News – February

The St Mary’s Youth Group met in January for the monthly film night where they enjoyed watching The Truman Show, a film which despite being 20 years old, is still a great film for generating discussion about destiny, life plans, free choice and the role of ‘the creator’.

The next meeting of the youth group is February 25th from 6.30-8pm where we will have a mini retreat as some members prepare for their confirmation the following day on Sunday 26th February.
All P7 and secondary aged young people are welcome to join any session and further details are available from Morag.