Car Miles Saving Scheme

The results of our Walk to St Mary’s Survey in May were very encouraging. They showed that a majority of those who responded already walked or shared cars to get to the church and the hall and that most of those who didn’t were willing to give more environmentally friendly methods a go. As a result, the Eco Congregation Group are now inviting members of the congregation to join in a wider scheme. The idea is that we all make a note of all the journeys we make during the week either by car-sharing or by using alternative means of transport (train, bike, walking etc) when we would usually have travelled by car.
The scheme is very simple. Packs of tickets are available at the back of church. Please enter on the tickets the mode of transport, number of people travelling and the length of the journey. Tickets will be collected during the services each Sunday as part of our weekly offering to God. In a small way, we will be doing something practical towards helping reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions which are destroying our planet.
This scheme was devised by the Eco Congregation Group at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church last year. In the first two weeks of the scheme, the congregation saved the emission of a staggering 1.2 metric tonnes (1,200 Kg) of these damaging gases! The congregation have extended the ticket scheme beyond the end of their project in March 2012 and it now has become a permanent feature of many members’ lives and of the weekly eucharist at St Andrew’s.